Monday, 7 November 2011

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

MUA PRO Heaven and Earth Palette
Where: Superdrug stores and Superdrug online
Price: £4

For my first post I thought I'd write about something that I bought from Superdrug not too long ago, but long enough to play with, this is of course the Heaven and Earth Palette by MUA cosmetics. I was sceptical at first whether or not I was going to purchase this palette, but after some thought I thought why not:

 The palette is of nude/ neutral colours mainly of a shimmery finish, you get twelve colours in a plastic packaged palette which is a bargain for the price, which is by the way £4 ! Yes £4 for twelve eyeshadow colours put together in a compact package.
The colours themselves are easy to blend and to work with, it does come with a felt applicator but to be honest I'd rather use a brush, so i've not actually used the applicators provided, I suppose its a nice touch to have something with them, but not for me.

just for a better idea of the colour pay off I have done some very quick swatches, these don't have a base and are taken with flash (as the nights are getting in dark really early now) so that is also something to bear in mind:

Row one:

Row 2:

As you can see they are quite shimmery, but for the price the colours are so nice, and it's also a nice cheaper alternative to other neutral palettes on the market, I have actually been turning to this one daily as the colours are great to work with, and much cheaper to replace than other eyeshadows of this nature I own.

I'd definitely buy this again ( I have four of these palettes all together) and would buy most of their eyeshadow products without thinking ( they also do a 'normal' range of eyeshadows for £1 each!) so overall I can't fault this product and definitely will be repurchasing in the future. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this review and that it may have helped you in some way to make a decision on whether you would like to try it out for yourself :)


Just a quick note: I purchased all products in this review and the opinion and thoughts on it are 100% my own.

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